Risk Management

Risk management system

Our risk management system is based on following company rules, corporate ethics, social norms, laws and regulations, as well as establishing compliance rules. We examine the compliance status with internal rules through corporate auditors and internal audits and strive to improve and strengthen our internal system when potential problems are detected.
In addition, the Risk Compliance Committee has been established as a Compliance Committee and a Risk Management Committee based on internal regulations with board members. In order to spread awareness of legal compliance to directors and employees, we regularly conduct education and training and directly contact compliance managers, auditors, and external lawyers regarding legal violations detected by employees. The new internal reporting system allows people to directly report violations of laws and regulations detected by employees to make reports and making legal compliance effective. In order to maintain the anonymity, we have prepared two types of hotlines that allow employees to report to compliance managers, auditors, and external lawyers to increase the sense of security.

Our System Diagram

Basic policy for antisocial forces

Today, company compliances are being emphasized in industries, requiring corporate activities to be transparent while working with or funding antisocial forces are subject to social criticism. Preventing relationships with antisocial forces is necessary not only from a compliance perspective but also from risk management’s, as they both have an important position in the internal control system.

We have established the following basic policies for eliminating antisocial forces.

Basic policy for eliminating antisocial forces

  1. Shut all relationships and ties with antisocial forces
  2. Prohibit providing profits or making any back-door transactions to antisocial forces
  3. Take legal actions when given unreasonable demands from antisocial forces
  4. In order to prevent risks caused by antisocial forces, we will respond appropriately and cooperate with external forces such as the police, violence expulsion centers, and lawyers
  5. Ensuring the safety and protection of our employees who are exposed to unreasonable demands from antisocial forces

Initiatives for Business Continuity (BCP/BCM)

We ensure the safety of our employees and their families by preparing for all emergencies and crisis events related to business continuity including, natural disasters infectious diseases, and pandemics caused by new viruses. We have formulated a BCP (Business Continuity Plan) for the purpose of appropriately continuing and operating our core business during these events. In addition, we have developed a BCM (Business Continuity Management) Committee consisting of members selected from each department that are involved in the business while we continue to active, operate, and review the BCP.