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Akinori SaitoPresident of NEOJAPAN Inc.

Since our establishment, NEO JAPAN has ensured to deliver services that reflect our corporate philosophy: contributing to the development of a flourishing information society through real IT communication tools. The company philosophy has been demonstrated through our efficiency in providing an environment where our diverse range of customers can communicate with others anywhere, at any time of the day. Through our communication tools, we are able to support people’s careers while helping them maintain their own lifestyle. We desire to work towards shaping a society that cultivates a free lifestyle where each person can work, raise children, and live their daily lives.

In the last few years, there have been an accelerating amount of measures being established to address social issues including the Paris Agreement, an international framework for responding to climate change; recommendations designed by The Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD); and Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs), for solving international issues. Furthermore, under the influence of the Covid-19 pandemic, significant issues in our lifestyle have arisen, such as the need to reform previous work styles and to adjust to a new way of operating our work while maintaining safety measures. While our society faces new challenges, companies are expected to contribute in solving social issues through their businesses.

Under these circumstances, we will be aiming to overcome social issues by prioritizing sustainable social development while expanding our awareness towards corporate social responsibility. In order to improve corporate value over the long term, we have formulated nine materialities, (important management issues) that incorporate ESG elements into the issues we focus on. From 2020, we have also been working to achieve goals related to SDGs.

Based on our creative techniques and research, we have achieved to develop communication tools that support our customer’s productivity improvements and work styles. We aspire to respond to environmental and social tissues while aiming for a society where each can follow a liberated lifestyle. In addition, we will cooperate as a company to build a sustainable foundation by developing the skills of employees, supporting the active participation of diverse human resources, and promoting health management.

NEOJAPAN will commit to accomplish responsibilities concerning the company vision and SDGs through its IT-based activities and services for a better and innovative world.


Our Basic Policy on
Promotion of Sustainability