Our Vision

Corporate Philosophy

Contributing to the formation of a flourishing information society through real IT communication tools

The rapid development of information technology, represented by the Internet, has raised people's intellectual activities to a high level of informatization. In this information society, we will provide users groundbreaking technologies of the cloud, mobile devices, big data, and social networking communications to realize the creation of even higher quality communications. Through that, we will contribute to the development of an even more flourishing information society.

We expect rapidly developed information technology to continue driving change in society. NEOJAPAN is at the forefront of this transformation, overturning conventional concepts with high-quality products and services designed with the fastidious attention to detail that Japanese companies are renowned for. As our name of NEOJAPAN shows, we will continue to take on challenges not only in Japan but also globally. As a powerful group of engineers, each with a pioneering spirit, NEOJAPAN will keep on advancing.

Mission Statement

Outstanding IT benefits for all companies, not just the leading companies.
We are using the power of computers to revolutionize communication between Japanese companies and society.
With that as our wish, our company name was born—NEOJAPAN, the “new Japan.”

Our Vision

ICT business tools as infrastructure for working people

We believe delivering these ICT business tools to the people around the world is the social value that our Company is expected to provide and our path for growth. NEOJAPAN will continue seeking to develop innovative technology.