Environmental Policy

NEOJAPAN ensures that its business activities have a significant impact on the environment. Positioning harmony between business activities and the environment as one of our management issues, we will strive to reduce the entire supply chain's environmental burden and contribute to creating a sustainable society.

1.Promoting environmentally- conscious business activities

In order to reduce the impact on the environment, we will set quantitative targets while continuously working on improving and reviewing them. We will also strive to save energy, resources, and to prevent pollution caused by waste throughout the supply chain.

2. Promoting environmental awareness activities

Through environmental education and environmental and social activities, we will raise our employees and collaborators' environmental awareness and contribute to global environmental conservation, including climate variability response and biodiversity conservation.

3. Compliance with environmental laws and regulations

We will comply with applicable laws and regulations regarding environmental aspects and other agreed matters in promoting our business activities.

4. Stakeholder communication

We will actively communicate with our stakeholders inside and outside the company, such as by disclosing environment-related information in our business activities to stakeholders.

Environmental Vision 2050

<Environmental Vision 2050>

  • We will reform the way we work to lower our electricity and paper consumption, reducing our ecological footprint and thus contributing to the development of a sustainable society.
  • Through the use of our company’s tools, we will empower other companies to reform their own way of working, and lower their electricity and paper consumption, thus helping reduce their ecological footprint.

〈Environmental Target〉 *2020 as base year

  • Power usage and CO2 emissions|Reduce consumption per employee by 50% by 2050 (reducing by 30% by 2030)
  • Waste discharge (paper usage)|Reduce consumption per employee by 50% by 2050 (reducing by 30% by 2030)

Environmental Goals 2025

To reduce our business activities' environmental impact, we are working on setting goals that target the office environment, such as electricity, waste emissions, and paper purchases. Backcasting from our long-term environmental vision, we have set the following targets for our environmental activities between FY2020 to FY2025.

Item Reduction target
Power usage Overall emissions will not be increased based on FY2020, and per capita, paper usage will be reduced by 25% in the five years up to FY2025.
Waste discharge (paper usage) Overall paper usage will not be increased based on FY2020, and per capita emissions will be reduced by 25% in the five years up to FY2025.

* As for waste emissions, we can only grasp the entire tenant building's quantity, therefore we have set a reduction target using our office paper usage as an alternative index to waste emissions.

Climate Change Initiatives

We believe that it is a corporate responsibility and an important management issue to transition to a carbon-free society and to mitigate climate variability- which poses a threat to humans and other organisms. We will contribute to these changes by reducing greenhouse gases by reducing our energy consumptions in our offices.

Air conditioning

  • Reducing the extensive use of air conditioning ⇒ Efforts to reduce usage by installing fans, etc. on each floor.

PC / OA equipment

  • Turning off the power of unused PCs and office automation equipment. Turning off all PCs and OA equipment when leaving the office.
  • Setting the screen saver to less than 10 minutes.
  • Setting the energy saving mode for PC as possible.
  • Turning off the PC display when shut down the PC.


  • Turning off the lights in unused conference rooms and employee's lounge.
  • Turning off the floor lights during a lunch break (12: 00-13: 00.)
  • Making sure all lights are turned off in every room when closing the office.

And more

  • Striving to manage working efficiently and reducing overtime.

Graph report

We have significantly reduced CO2 emissions by switching to CO2-free power for all the electricity used in the buildings where the head office (from April 2021) and the Osaka office (from December 2021) are located.

CO2 emissions(㎏)
CO2 emissions per person(㎏)
  • * The graph shows achievements only for NEO JAPAN Inc.(Not include Nagoya Office and Fukuoka Office).
    The figures in parentheses include subsidiary Pro-SPIRE Inc.
  • * Target value: Not affected by the increase in the number of employees due to the expansion of the company scale, reduce the usage per person at NEO JAPAN Inc. by 25%, and do not increase the usage in the target year and the base year.

Efforts to Reduce the Amount of Resources and Waste

Nowadays, the sustainability of resources is attracting attention, and we are contributing to this by shifting to a paperless company and promoting digitalization.

Paperless in-house system

  • Efforts to make in-house systems which require regular paper submission a paperless office.
  • In internal meetings, avoiding using printed paper as much as possible, using a different method, such as using a computer.

How to use the copier

  • Coping only what is necessary.
  • Following the rule of using the copier
    • Do not make unnecessary color copies ⇒ Set to black and white
    • Utilize double-sided printing and page aggregation
    • Recommending the reduction of meetings and shifting towards a paperless office
    • Recheck the print settings before copying.

Graph report

Paper usage (sheets)
Paper usage per person (sheets)
  • * The graph shows the figures include NEO JAPAN Inc only. The figures in parentheses include subsidiary NEO JAPAN Inc and Pro-SPIRE Inc.
  • * Target value: Regardless of the increase in the number of employees due to the expansion of the company scale, we will not increase Overall emissions based on FY2020, and reduce emissions per capita by 25% in the five years up to FY2025.

Biodiversity Policy

As part of our corporate social responsibility initiatives, NEOJAPAN will pursue the following policy in relation to biodiversity, both in our everyday business operations, and in our social contribution activities:

  • We will always give utmost consideration to ensure that our business operations do not negatively impact human communities or natural ecosystems.
  • Our business community will continue to engage in social contribution activities to preserve local ecosystems.
  • We will disclose information regarding our biodiversity preservation activities, as well as aiming to make these activities a fundamental part of our company culture.

Climate-related Information disclosures based on the TCFD Recommendations

We declares its endorsement of TCFD and disclose Climate-related Information based on the TCFD Recommendations