Message from the President

Photo of Akinori Saito, President

Enhancing ICT business tools to empower working
people around the world.

Akinori Saito President

Approaching three decades of sustained growth

NEOJAPAN has pursued the development of ICT tools such as groupware* that helps businesses, with its managerial philosophy, "Contribute to the formation of an abundant society through real IT communications". Our products and services have been well-reputed, gaining the highest satisfaction and the cumulative number of users has exceeded 5.0 million (as of August 2023).

In 2018, we transferred from TSE Mothers Market to TSE First Section.In 2022, we moved to TSE, the Prime section. We have continued growing for about 30 years of our establishment, but in order to maintain this trajectory and improve our business for the next 30 to 50 years, we are implementing various measures.

* Own collaborative communication tool for enterprises

Rising sales and profits and a steady dividend in fiscal 2020

Our measures to expand our business achieved results in the fiscal year ended January 31, 2020. We boosted sales and profits in the mainstay software business by attracting new users and large project orders through product enhancements, collaboration with Amazon business, and expansion of domestic sales bases. We also extended our customer and business reach by bringing in systems integration specialist Pro-SPIRE Co., Ltd. as a subsidiary in August 2019.

These initiatives resulted in consolidated net sales of 3.7 billion yen , operating income of 0.7 billion yen, ordinary income of 0.7 billion yen, and net income attributable to owners of the parent company of 0.5 billion yen, increasing both our sales and income.*

Based on these earnings results, we have decided to pay a year-end dividend of 7.5 yen per share, thereby raising the per-share dividend for the second consecutive year. With these achievements, it was a year that we have continued to grow.

* Fiscal 2020 is the first year presenting consolidated results. As such, year-on-year comparisons are not shown.

Overseas business expansion for medium to long term growth

One of our key strategies for generating further growth is to broaden our base for technological innovation and increase our sales channels in Japan and overseas. In Japan, we opened a sales office in Osaka, which became Japan’s third largest city in 2017, in Nagoya, which became the country’s fourth largest city in May 2019, and in Fukuoka, which became the country’s sixth largest city in February 2022. Our desire to empower all office workers with ICT business tools has led us to set an ambitious goal of accumulating 10 million users, and we will continue to broaden our sales network actively.

While Japan remains our business base, as the country’s population declines, we anticipate a decreasing number of domestic corporate users. We are therefore looking to broader horizons overseas. In June 2019, we established a subsidiary (consolidated) in the United States to conduct marketing operations, seek business alliances, and advance product development. We established subsidiaries (consolidated) in Malaysia in December 2019 and in Thailand in February 2021 to expand sales of groupware* in the Southeast Asia market which has strong affinity between Japanese business practices. We are confident that our products designed to be easy to use for the Japan market makes them ideally suited for business users in Southeast Asia.

* Own collaborative communication tool for enterprises

ICT business tools as infrastructure for working people

Telecommuting and the use of information communication technology for everyday business operations have surged in Japan during the Covid-19 pandemic, and we believe expectations are rising for tools that can make this style of working possible. We will use our developmental abilities as the source of our growth, and by continuing to provide ICT business tools that support all workers, we want to develop products that will be essential infrastructure for our customers’ business operations.

We believe delivering these ICT business tools to the people around the world is the social value that our Company is expected to provide and our path for growth. NEOJAPAN will continue seeking to develop innovative technology.