desknet's NEO
A suite of 27 applications with an intuitive, smooth user interface, desknet's NEO is one of the most-used groupware in Japan.
A tool to create custom business applications which will replace the less effective paper-based, email-based and spreadsheet-based tasks with 4 simple steps.

* Own collaborative communication tool for enterprises

Chat Software for Business

This chat-based business communication tool speeds up on-site information sharing and joint projects.

Information Transfer Systems

A web-based email system for corporate clients that manages, sends and receives emails through a web browser.
desknet's DAX
A file transfer system to send and receive large amounts of data safely, easily and reliably.


desknet's SSS
This web-based sales management system enables you to monitor progress in business negotiations, client info and sales by merely having your team post daily sales reports.


desknet's CAMS
Share information on email and telephone inquiries and further raise client satisfaction with this web-based customer relationship management system.