Our Basic Policy on Promotion of Sustainability

Our Goals

Management Philosophy
Contributing to the formation of a prosperous society through real IT communication.
Company Vision
Developing a society where people can envision their future and have a fair and pleasant life.
Support a lifestyle where people can communicate with others anywhere, at anytime of the day- regardless of working from home or from the workplace.

Material Issues

Category Materiality Individual issues Relationship with ESG
Environment Society Governance

Social issues

1. Promoting a healthy and productive work style Productivity improvement    
Contribution to health management    
2. Empowerment of customers and local economies through DX DX promotion    
IT literacy improvement of  customer    
Contribution to the local economy    
3. Continuity risk mitigation of customer Pandemic compatible    
4. Response to climate change risk Response to natural disasters    

Business creation
as a solution to

5. Business development through open innovation utilizing digital technology Promotion of collaboration    
New business development    
Utilization of digital technology    

supply chain

6. Fostering and diversifying digital human resources unique to our company Diversity    
Human resource development    
7. Pursuit of a healthy and productive work style Work style reform    
Promotion of health management    
8. Providing safe and secure products Cyber security    
Competitive channel formation    

management base

9.Building a sustainable management base Promotion of ESG management    
BCP formulation    

Identification Process

NEOJAPAN will ensure to contribute in eliminating social and environmental issues. In order to achieve a sustainable growth, we have identified nine materialities that are considered to be an important issue in the long run.

* Materiality refers to the GAP of economic value and social value between the present and the future.

Extraction of materiality candidates

To identify materiality, we first consider extracted a number of items from our growth strategy, SASB (US Sustainability Accounting Standards Board), and global mega trends.

Prioritize materiality
(create materiality map)

Based on the candidates extracted in Step 1, we mapped the items that are economically and socially important to us and visualized the priorities. In addition, we abstracted the related materiality candidates by grouping them together and aggregated the candidates.

State when creating materiality map

Hearing to management

We have conducted interviews with management to reconfirm what items we consider to be important in our company and in our society while thinking about the issues we should tackle next.。

Materiality determination

We narrowed down and have decided on nine materiality candidates. In addition, we have taken specific measures by associating individual issues to each materiality.